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Jennifer Genzoli
April 12, 2018 | Jennifer Genzoli

Cheers to an eerie Friday the 13th!


Whether 13 is your lucky number or you prefer to stay inside, try something from our list to "spookify" or tap into good luck this Friday. 

  1. Start your Friday the 13th off right by listening to a creepy podcast like Lore, Deadly Manners, Spooked, or Criminal.  
  2. Invite 12 of your friends to join you for a spooky Ouija Soirée. Place a few Ouija boards around the room where guests can group together. Whether you choose to use the boards for conjuring ghosts or simply as decoration, they’re a great accessory for setting a Friday the 13th stage.  
  3. Visit a local haunted place. You may be surprised by how many local spooky spots are in your local area. If you haven’t visited any before, Friday the 13th is the perfect time to learn about ghosts close to home.
  4. Maybe 13 is your lucky number. In some countries the number 13 is lucky. Buy a lottery ticket to try your luck, because, why not?
  5. Host a séance dinner party. Turn off the lights and illuminate the room with only candles. Choose a playlist with a ghostly vibe; we like this playlist to set the creepy mood
  6. Spooky movie marathon. “Friday the 13th” is a classic horror movie but there are plenty of other options like Psycho, Alien, The Birds, The Blair Witch Project, and Cabin in the Woods, to name just a few.
  7. Pour a glass of wine, turn off the lights and tell ghost stories with only firelight and a flashlight.
  8. Spill a little wine when the lights were dimmed? In Italy “spilled wine should be dabbed behind the ears” to avoid bad luck. However, if you spill on your new blouse or tablecloth, fear not, that’s good luck!
  9. Make a haunted dinner with delicious but creepy themed dishes. You can borrow ideas from Halloween, we won’t tell. Try these creepy and delicious ideas.
  10. Play games that poke fun at superstitions. Toss mirrors at one another, moving further away each time to see how far you can go without dropping one. Another game involves participants walking with a salt shaker on their heads—the person who walks farthest before spilling the salt shaker is the winner.
  11. Visit a palm reader or try it out yourself on your friends. Check out this beginner’s guide to palm and tarot card reading.
  12. Take advantage of Friday the 13th specials and deals, like our $0.13 shipping.
  13. Buy a few bottles of Stokes' Ghost to celebrate this spooky Friday…perhaps 13 bottles will do the trick? 


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